Wine List

La Cascada

Red Wine

Carlos Serres Tinto

100 % Tempranillo

Encaste (Bodega Doña Felisa Chinchilla, Ronda)

12 months in French oak, a pure Cabernet Sauvignon, highly recommended 23.50 €

Niño Leon (Bodega Conrad, Ronda)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo. 10 months in French oak barrel 19.50 €

Viscondesa (Bodega Las Frutales, Ronda)

Young red wine from our local Bodega 15.00 €

White wine

Albariño Torre la Moreiera (D.O. Rias Biaxas)

Honey coloured, full bodied, rich and mellow in taste and wonderfully smooth 23.00€

Androsela (Sonsierra Rioja)

Semi sweet white wine, a perfect accompaniment to fish and chicken 15.00 €

House White wine (D.O. Rueda)

A light and tasty young wine which is fresh and fruity with Verdejo variety of grape. 14.85 €

Rose Wine

Lagrimas de Maria (D.O. Rioja )

Dry, light rose, pale in colour and full of berry flavours

Cooking is something I am passionate about. Our aim at La Cascada Restaurant has always been to use locally sourced, high quality ingredients and turn them into delicious dishes. We wanted the restaurant to be a success in its own right, not just a requirement of the hotel and we welcome non-residents.

My philosophy is simple : It is important to seek the best possible flavours when preparing foods and using the freshest produce.  That means not being afraid to experiment with various ingredients to create inspired and original cuisine.

......  Ian Love , Owner/Chef